Our mission as industry trainers is to give all students transferable, real-world skills by providing credible, practical & better barista training in Brisbane. These competencies transfer across all industries - valued by all employers - in the really, real world every day.


Genuine outcomes for all students

  • Real cafe training with

  • Real barista's & service industry professionals and

  • Real customer interaction.

  • Real world expectations & responsibilities with

  • Real pressure in a work environment delivering

  • Real cafe success. Take part in a

  • Real team experience alongside

  • Real employers training

  • Real transferable skills for

  • Real success in the future

Vocational Education & Training

VET has evolved as a genuine alternative (or supplement) to academic study and is the perfect link between theoretical education & the real working environment. Most students join hospitality VET programs in high school or post-secondary level. The benefits of larger registered training organisations (such as TAFE QLD) include students learning Australian Government verified curriculum from The Department of Education & Training & attending large classes with their peers. For information regarding a more controlled classroom approach to VET research www.training.gov.au.



We believe in credible training - not accredited training

Our approach to VET @evastreetprivateer is unique & encourages students to experience a less structured & more practical approach to learning life skills on the job. Working in retail food & beverage is not always a controlled experience - students must learn how to work hard, maintain a positive attitude & adapt to problem solve on shift. As employers, we are able to provide students with more realistic & practical advice on how to get a job & keep a job in the hospitality industry. Eva Street Privateer offers genuine, real-world coffee training in Brisbane. We train hospitality superstars with our years of experience across award-winning outlets training, developing & managing our own baristas & retail food service teams.