We want to offer you something no one else can...


Eva Street Privateer is on a mission to provide transferable, real-world skills for job seekers. Our vocational training offers a 3-day commercial barista course that includes tailored, real cafe work experience. You will work with a stellar bunch of people that value quality espresso, teamwork & positive communication with a fun approach to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team environment attracts only the most positive & genuine hospitality superstars to help you learn - this is the best type of work experience to add to your resume.

The best way to get a job, is to train ON THE JOB!

Imagine starting a new job in a cafe... are you nervous? Do you know anyone who works there? Do you know every coffee on the menu? Can you talk confidently to complete strangers ie. customers??!!

By completing REALskills & SPEEDSCHOOL work experience shifts at Eva Street Privateer you are adding to your resume with experience in the really, real world. Our students build confidence by developing problem solving skills & resilience, helping them learn to adapt to change & manage difficult situations. By "jumping in the deep end" you are better prepared to approach employers & make a positive impression.

REALskills cafe work experience

This cafe shift at Eva Street Privateer is a crucial part of the 3-day commercial barista course that allows students to confidently settle into a busy cafe work environment. This real cafe shift focuses on "back of house" tasks covering basic hygiene, food prep, food service, cleaning & cafe close procedure. Students work as a part of a real cafe team with real time constraints. We actively encourage a very positive attitude & effective communication at all times.

SPEEDSCHOOL coffee training

Its showtime on the final day of our 3-day commercial barista course - this barista service teaches students to keep their "freak-out" on the inside during peak cafe trade & work alongside the barista during early morning, high volume coffee service. We prepare job seekers for the more intense aspects of working in the really, real world: the ability to take & give direction, clear & positive communication skills, problem solving, time management & most importantly - the ability to work under pressure for a positive outcome.

This unique vocational training has limited availability

Eva Street Privateer is a busy, real & successful cafe business. As a result, we operate at a limited, exclusive capacity of students per week. The barista training workshops are a pre-requisite for cafe work experience & are available weekly - please call our admin team on 07 3041 4182 to check availability & schedule a barista training workshop at Eva Street Privateer. Most barista training workshops run 11am to 2pm weekdays & REALskills & SPEEDSCHOOL cafe work experience operates 8am to 10am for morning cafe trade.

Some VET providers accept larger enrolment numbers and offer a style of hospitality training common in RSL clubs, catering organisations & conference venues. We try to avoid the "cookie cutter" approach by focusing on smaller coffee training workshops at Eva Street Privateer in Brisbane & as a result we can help students develop their own unique strengths. The abilities to adapt & be flexible in a work environment are attributes all employers value highly & as a result some students may benefit from a tailored training schedule to ensure they receive the most benefit from their vocational training at Eva Street Privateer.